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Double and Triple Glazing Security

Crime rates are on the rise the world over and it has never been more important to ensure that your home is protected. The modern burglar has new sophisticated tools and methods, so it is important that your double glazing is secure. We at Kold Shield Windows are positioned to provide you with the latest in Double & Triple Glazing security. We have a vast array of glazing solutions for you to choose from ensuring your premises is safe from even the most brazen of criminals.

Our Kold Shield Windows 70+ profile system is one of the most advanced window security solution available. It contains more uPVC than any other glazed window product on the market in the UK today. This ensures that no threat is able to enter your premises to do your property harm, no matter how determined the intruder may be. It doesn’t just stop with superior uPVC. Our glazing is manufactured to the highest possible standards. So it doesn’t matter if you need to secure windows, doors, or conservatories, our high-quality completely glazed system ensures you are getting the best security solution available.


Security at its Best

We stock a wide range of windows, doors, and conservatories to suit all sizes and styles. Our windows are triple glazed, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are equipped with the latest in lock technology. Our double glazed doors are available for patios, bi-folds, french, and composites. Our conservatories come in both double and triple glazed options and in a range of styles to suit everyone.

The glazing we use at Shield Windows is some of the most advanced glazing available on the market today. We use our very own in-house technical design. We also put our glazing through its paces with rigorous testing, simulating real-world conditions. We test for sternness, durability, and preservation.

Our Shield Windows 70+ locking mechanism is built to withstand persistent breach attempts. With 7 chambers in the inner frame and 5 on the outer frame, you can rest assured nothing is getting through your Cold Shield Windows glazed products. The best part is that all of our products meet the latest building code regulations and standards which means you know you are getting a quality, safe, and secure result every time.

We at Shield Windows know that it is not just security that is on your mind. That is why all our windows, doors, and conservatories come in a vast array of shapes, colours, styles, sizes, and designs. It doesn’t matter what style you’re going for, we have a range that can fit in with the existing look and feel of your home. You can sleep soundly knowing that not only are you safe, but you are also looking good.

The Only Choice When it Comes to Double Glazing Security

Before you purchase any glazed products it is important that a full in-depth analysis is carried out on your property. At Shield, we specialise in providing our customers with a full home review. Whether you need secure windows, doors, conservatories or all of the above, we at Shield Windows can take the guesswork out of securing your property. We will tailor make your windows, doors, and conservatories to your individual tastes and needs making your home secure and stylish. So don’t wait for an intruder to spoil your party. Call us now on 0800 011 9093 and get the most advanced glazed products installed in your home today.

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At Shield Windows we specialise in high energy performance double glazed windows, industry leading triple glazed windows, double glazed and triple glazed conservatories and roofline/guttering products.

Double and Triple Glazing
Double & Triple Glazing

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