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Roofline Products – Lifespan

Shield Windows offers an extremely cost-effective uPVC roofline that boasts high quality performance with little maintenance. They are an excellent alternative to the more costly cast iron guttering and many timber options. With a guarantee of ten years, you are assured of a long-lasting roofline if you buy our products. Our roofline products come with the IsoSeal coating which can seal your house and eliminate dampness.


Roofline Products – Lifespan at Shield Windows

We have a variety of uPVC roofline products which include soffits, fascias and barge boards. Roofline gives you value for your money because they are extremely long lasting, providing a longer lifespan than timber. Fascia is an important element in the structure, so you need to make sure long lasting fascias are installed. Avoid fascias which will deteriorate quickly, causing several problems. This is where our long lasting roofline products come in handy.

While cast iron guttering is known to be long lasting, it may require a lot of maintenance and its repairs can be very costly. Therefore, it may offer the best choice for your house. On the other hand, Shield Windows offers affordable and effective uPVC roofline products that are not only long lasting but also require little maintenance. The Scottish climate is characterized by ever changing weather conditions that can be harsh on conventional roofline materials. Our products have been designed with this in mind as they can withstand even the harshest climate. All our products come with a ten year guarantee which gives you quality assurance and peace of mind.

Roofline Products – Lifespan in Practice

If you want to have our high quality UPVC roofline products installed in your house, simply call us today on 0800 011 9093. All Shield Windows uPVC roofline products are designed and installed by a team of highly trained experts to ensure quality and longer lifespan.

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