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Triple Glazing

There is a great difference between double glazing and triple gazing. After you decide to install triple glazing in your home. You will notice the difference immediately. Due to the fact that nowadays the cost of heating homes is on the rise, it is always necessary for us to ensure the heat that you will generate in your home is utilised well.

This can be easily achieved after we ensure the home is well insulted so that all the heat that is generated is utilised in the home. In order to improve the energy efficiency in our homes, there is need to improve the energy conservation through installing energy conserving windows and conservatories. Because we have realised double glazing is not enough to keep your home warn through conserving heat, we have decided to upgrade double glazing windows that we had installed before to triple glazing windows. All these we do at no extra charge.

In case you had contacted us for the double glazing services, then it is your time to feel the effect of triple glazing windows at no extra charge. Just contact us for the triple glazing windows and we will enable you save money as well as energy in your home.


Triple Glazing at Shield Windows

We specialise in supplying naturally grained uPVC triple glazing windows that are energy efficient. Our unique system of triple glazing windows consist of three layers of glass that have in between them two layers of air spaces. The total thickness of the triple glazing windows is 40 mm. This helps in slowing down the heat loss from your home. In case you have been disturbed by condensation for a long period of time, the triple glazing technology also reduces cases of condensation to a great extent. We can help you in improving the thermal efficiency of your home by fitting the triple glazing windows, doors and conservatories in your home. The triple glazed windows are very attractive which will ensure your home is always looking attractive. We have a cold shield 70+ range which consists of windows that have been made out of naturally grained materials. This ensures that your window is able to achieve a natural look of wood. The triple glazed windows and doors can be made to different designs and colours. It will be upon you to tell us the type of design which you will prefer and we will ensure you have exactly that in your home. Our products are always among the best products that you can have in the market.

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In order to save on energy in your home, you may consider upgrading to triple glazing windows and doors. Before you make your final decision, you should call us. Here at Shield Windows we have enough experts who know how the triple glazing work. We will help you in making the right decision as well as helping you to upgrade your windows easily. We are ready to advice you on legal requirements, the best looks that you can have and where to access the best materials. Just call us at 0800 011 9093 or fill our online contact form and you will easily access our services.

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At Shield Windows we specialise in high energy performance double glazed windows, industry leading triple glazed windows, double glazed and triple glazed conservatories and roofline/guttering products.

Double and Triple Glazing
Double & Triple Glazing

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