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Triple Glazing – The Benefits

The Benefits of Triple Glazing. Triple Glazing proves to be an amazing investment due to the numerous benefits it brings along. You may not have noticed yet but the pressure is on to improve the energy performance of windows. Installing triple glazed doors and windows can very efficiently help you save huge deal of money spent on those energy bills.


Benefits of Triple Glazing Explained

To make sure that your home stays protected throughout the year, we have crafted our triple glazing windows and doors with professional expertise making them prove extremely effective and efficient even in continuously changing climates, once you get them installed. Not only do these doors and windows keep the cold out of your home, but also save the money you spent to heat the indoors by making sure that your house remains hot to the maximum comforting temperatures.

The second amazing benefit of our triple glazed doors and windows is that they work towards cutting out all external noises, thereby letting you cherish a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere when you are home away from any disturbing and annoying noises.

A very beneficial feature of installing our triple glazing range is the increased security that is provided by them as they come fully fitted with the industries’ newest locking technology. You no longer have to worry about the security of your home even when you are away.

The most remarkable feature sported by our best triple glazed unit is the industry beating 0.7 u value. The numerous top-notch quality parts are the reason behind the same. Instead of being crafted out with metal conducting cold in the interior of the house, the spacer bar holding the glass apart is composed of carbon fibre that is also used in the ultra-strong F1 cars and space shuttles.

The triple glazing units provided by us are filled up to 95% with argon gas, thereby reducing the amount of cold gained and heat lost due to argon being denser than air.

Intensely fine semi-precious metal particles that are not even visible to the naked human eyes form the coatings for every two out of the three glass panes. These metal coatings are responsible for making the hot air bounce back inside feel warm to touch. The remarkable advantage of these layers is that they minimise the chances of condensation taking place in the interior of your property.

In some cases, cracks are formed on the surface of ordinary glass due to the heat retention. Thus, the centre panes of our triple glazing units are toughened to prevent the aforesaid phenomenon.

Our doors and windows that are triple glazed with utmost perfection are made to pay for themselves with their wonderful added benefits including the ability to reduce your heating expenditures by a considerable amount.

Benefits of Triple Glazing in Practice

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